Paris Photo Diary May 2019


I love traveling to Paris! Every year I try to go at least twice to my favorite city in the world and this spring I was so lucky to get invited to Paris with XL Airways and JO&JOE. Noelle and I are seasoned travelers and were excited to get the chance not only to fly XL Airways, but we also got a tour of the plane, the cockpit and got to learn more about the inter-workings of an airport and airplane. It was so cool to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes as someone who loves to fly! XL Airways offers flights to and from New York for a great fare so if you're interested in visiting Paris, XL is a great way to go! Once we landed safely in Paris we had the chance to stay at the new JO&JOE "Open House" an affordable place to stay designed for millennials, travelers and locals. They offer both hotel style rooms and shared bedrooms just outside the city center in Gentilly. We loved the terrace and food at JO&JOE - they even have a colorful beer wall where you can pour your own drink! We opted for our favorite - Aperol Spritz and enjoyed the lovely sunshine on the lawn. We also enjoyed the homemade food from quiches to friend and pasta salad. All the food was delicious and we loved the family style presentation. It was the perfect place to call home as we explored the city during the day. See all my Paris looks below! Special thanks to XL Airways and JO&JOE for hosting this trip, à bientôt, Paris! 


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