Home is Where the WiFi Connects!


Gerry and I love our apartment. We love the neighborhood, we love our backyard, and we love the space we have. There’s one thing we definitely haven’t loved for the year and a half we’ve been living in this apartment: the Wi-Fi. 

Normally it’s a home’s size that makes Wi-Fi signal weak, but in our case it was the older construction methods used in our building. Our apartment was built about a hundred years ago, so we have had to deal with quite a few areas with little to no Wi-Fi. This was frustrating when trying to stream music in the bedroom or when the Netflix in the living drops out unexpectedly in the middle of an episode of Friends. 

This New Year’s, Netgear gave us a gift to help solve our problems. Their 3-in-1 Orbi Voice Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi System and Smart Speaker with built-in Amazon Alexasystem combines a powerful Wi-Fi router with the Orbi Voice, which is a combination wireless access point and Alexa-powered voice assistant. The router lives in my office where it replaced our old, weaker router. We placed the Orbi Voice in our living room to make sure we could have the best possible Wi-Fi signal in the entertainment hub of our home. 

One of my favorite features is the built-in voice assistant, which we use to check the weather and set reminders. Gerry especially loves to use it as remote control our other smart home devices like lights and speakers so we can listen to Spotify or even our record player with just a shout to our girl Alexa! 

I’m pretty tech savvy, but Wi-Fi routers are usually a bit too complicated. We were impressed by how easy it was to set up the Orbi Voice. Because the built-in voice assistant is an Amazon Alexa, there was no learning curve; we were able to start using all of its features and skills right out of the box. Plus it’s super cute unlike most routers the design is super sleek so it fits in perfectly with our d├ęcor – no need to hide it under a cabinet! It really makes a perfect holiday gift for anyone who’s obsessed with the internet (like your truly!) or a great gift for a parent who doesn’t know a lot about technology but needs a great system that works! 

Having a strong Wi-Fi connection in our house has been a wonderful present this kick-off the New Year. To learn more about the Orbi Voice system from Netgear click here.  

Special thanks to Netgear for sponsoring this post! Happy New Year! 


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