Whiter teeth in 14 days!


My smile has always been super important to me! If you’ve ever met me you know I’m a very smiley person and I really do believe a smile is a girl’s best accessory. I was so excited when Crest reached out to me to try their 14 Day Crest 3D White Glamourous White Whitestripspicked up the Crest Whitestrips from Target, wore them everyday for two weeks and documented my journey. I am a big coffee, tea (and wine!) drinker so I’ve noticed my teeth have lost some of their luster over the years. I found the strips really easy to use and comfortable to wear. I wore the strips for the recommended 30 minutes while I was putting my makeup and picking my outfit in the morning so it didn’t feel like interrupting my day at all. I really was blown away by the results. I could already start to see a noticeable difference by the 4th day and by the end of the two weeks my teeth looked much whiter and brighter! I even got some comments on my Instagram stories saying they really could notice a difference. The strips remove up to 14 years of stains and can last 12 months or more.

Day 1 vs Day 14 – no filter! 

This was me on Day 1. My teeth were already white but definitely with some staining towards the top of the gums. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the strips were to put on and they stay put even while you talk or drink water!

Day 7. I already noticed a big difference at the halfway point. My teeth were looking much brighter overall and even my mom said something while we were on FaceTime!

Day 14. Challenge complete! My teeth are now bright and beautiful. I was really impressed by the overall result and the ease of use. I highly recommend the Crest Whitestrips if you’re looking to remove stains on your teeth or just have a whiter, brighter smile!

Special thanks to Crest for sponsoring this post, all opinions my own.


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