Skinceuticals D.O.S.E treatment


Taking care of my skin has always been very important to me – when I was in high school I suffered from hormonal, cystic acne. I still have an occasional breakout but now that I’m getting older I’m more concerned about dullness and fine lines. I’ve been a fan of SkinCeuticals for years! In college I worked at a beauty store that sold SkinCeuticals and I was always so fascinated when we had speakers from the brand come to train us about the products. The science and innovation behind each product was really eye-opening. So, I was really excited when SkinCeuticals reached out about their new Custom D.O.S.E treatment. They invited me to an event at the Glass Houses in Manhattan with leading dermatologist Dr. Charles Boyd of Boyd Beauty, who gave me a consultation and assessed my skin type. Dr. Boyd took the time to explain the ingredients available and showed me all the different options to create my own Custom D.O.S.E treatment.

Emulsion Base
Kojic + Niacinamide
Licorice + Mulberry

After the assessment, we determined we would focus on brightening with a small concentration of retinol to protect against fine lines. My specific formula is EB457 with 0.1% retinol.

Once the three components were chosen, Dr. Boyd showed me to an incredible machine: every ingredient that can be put in this serum is in there, and will automatically fill the bottle with your selection! It was so cool to see each ingredient being measured out exactly in the machine and going right into my custom bottle! After the ingredients were layered into the bottle it is put into the top of the machine that spins incredibly fast to blend together the components. I’ve been using my Custom D.O.S.E serum every other night for about 2 weeks and I’ve already noticed a change in my skin. The retinol has helped to make my skin softer and reduced my occasional acne. My skin is brighter and smoother. I highly recommend this service as it’s a great way to get a custom lab-grade product made just for you. I always advise investing in your skin!

Special thanks to SkinCeuticals for this experience & sponsoring this post!


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