Noosa Brekkie


I love having my friends over for cocktails, dinner parties, hangs in the backyard. Recently we’ve been adding home brunches to the mix! It’s a great way to get together and avoid the lines and expense of brunch in the city. Last Sunday I hosted a little brekkie for  noosa yoghurt. I’ve personally been a fan of noosa for the past few years - I love the taste that’s rich with hints of natural honey.We had originally planned to have the outing it in our backyard but the rain had different ideas so we set up shop in our kitchen. noosa has recently launched a new line of yoghurts with two flavors in one tub! We decided to put the couples to the test to see which flavors were their favorites and how they liked to enjoy the two flavors under one lid. 

I invited Harmony and Mattieu, our friends from Belgium, for a morning of fun chez nous. To compliment the yoghurts, we bought all of the ingredients from the yoghurts themselves like apples, strawberries, blueberries and caramel. We also picked up some fresh granola, croissants and fresh flowers for an Instagram-worthy spread. Gerry made some pour over coffee as he poured over the New York Times Sunday edition and I dressed the table. 
Everyone arrived around 11am and we taste-tested all 5 delicious duos. Personally, my favorite was the caramel & apple for my sweet tooth and the blueberry & lemon for my passion for  tartness. I love to mix the flavors together and add a touch of granola. Gerry was a fan of the strawberry & banana and in his typical style he preferred eating the flavors separately one after the other (strawberry first, according to him!) Harmony and Mattieu both loved the raspberry & blueberry. Blueberry is not very common in Europe – especially wild blueberries - and they told me they’ve loved anything blueberry ever since moving to the states almost two years ago! It was a perfect morning that went on into the late afternoon with lots of yoghurt, coffee and mimosas (I actually squeezed the orange juice myself!). The rain cleared so we headed into the backyard and did some hoola-hooping and chatted. Such a great way to spend the day. Special thanks to noosa for sponsoring this brunch & blog post! 

Would love to hear from fans what you think about these flavor combos and how you enjoy them (mix? double dip? swirl? )  Here’s a finder so you can find noosa near you.


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