Fun hairstyle for summer


I’ve been wearing this fun pigtail style throughout the summer and so many of y’all have messaged me asking for a tutorial! I partnered with Wella Professionals to show I create this easy summer hairstyle using products from their EIMI Styling Collection. For this style you’ll need: clear elastic bands. See below for the step by step on how I create the look! 
Step 1: I prefer to start this look with wavy hair – this way the hair has a bit more texture and hold. To add even more texture and volume I use the Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz. I apply it mostly to the midlegths and massage it into the hair. 

Step 2: To smooth the ends of the hair I used the Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me– this helps keep the ends soft and sealed. I use two pumps and apply to the bottom third of my hair. 

Step 3: Start by separating the hair into two parts. You can create the part in the middle or on either side, depending on your preference. I personally like to use my everyday part which is a deep left part. I measure out my part to the arch of my eyebrow – a trick I learned years ago from a hairstylist and makeup artist on set! 
Step 4: I take several of the plastic elastics and put them directly on my thumb – this way I can access them quickly and easily while I’m creating the ponytails. I start on one side with the first ponytail just under my jawline. Make sure the elastic is secure and gently pull tighter to add volume to the section. To add even more volume I rub the hair between my fingers for more texture. 
Step 5: Continue with the second elastic and repeat the process making sure the elastic is tight and then gently pulling the section apart to add volume. 

Step 6: Because my hair is quite long I space the section quite a bit so you can change depending on your hair length and texture. I decide to do three sections. Because the hair is thinner towards the end I make sure to make the least section bigger by pulling apart and texturizing between my fingers. 

Repeat the process exactly the same on the other side being sure to match the elastic on both sides.

To create hold and prevent against frizz, I used the Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential Light Crafting Spray on the mid lengths and ends. 

Et voila! Here’s the final hairstyle. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial! Special thanks to Wella Professionals for sponsoring this post! 


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