That Spring Feeling with Old Navy


Dress // Shoes // Jacket // Headband: Old Navy

Dress // Shoes // Jacket // Headband: Old Navy 
I am so ready for full-blown spring! The New York winters can be so hard and sometimes it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. One thing that always gets me in a sunny, springtime mood is shopping for new spring pieces to get excited for warmer days to come. Our family has been shopping at Old Navy ever since I was a kid and now “grown-up” me still loved to get trendy, of-the-moment pieces there. When I walked into their store in Flatiron I was so excited to see bright colors & flowy pieces and I immediately fell in love with this yellow cami dress with petite flowers. I picked up this dress along with this adorable pink suede jacket, silk scarf headband and open toe sandals. A few day later we had an unseasonable warm day in the Big Apple so I took the opportunity to wear my new outfit and head to the Union Square Greenmarket for fresh flowers and groceries. I picked a yellow rose bouquet to match my sunny dress and some fresh food fixings before heading back tom Brooklyn on the subway. Today the temperature is a wintery 40 degrees with snow in the forecast for tomorrow but when those warm days come I’ll be ready with my yellow dress!

Special thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post!


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