The Most Parisian Spots in NYC


My two favorite cities in the world are New York and Paris. I’ve lived in New York for 5 years now and I dream of living in Paris someday. When Longchamp invited me to be a part of their #Parisianing in NYC campaign I was so excited! With the lovely Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow and Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar, we traipsed around New York City in true Parisian fashion, sipping rose, smelling gorgeous perfumes and picking up flowers. We each chose a Lonchamp outfit and a beautiful new Mademoiselle Longchamp bag.

Nothing brightens up a gloomy day than buying a gorgeous bouquet so we started the day picking fresh blooms at West Village Flower of New York. The perfect little shop that reminded me of the fleurists along the Left Bank. Now that fall is starting I picked out some yellow and orange mums.

Aedes Perfumery. Maybe my favorite perfume shop in all Manhattan, Aedes is a NYC staple for over 20 years founded by a European couple in 1995. They carry many French brands including Diptyque, Frédéric Malle & Memo Paris. The décor is intimate with lavish flourishes like walking-on-clouds plush carpet, velvet curtains and decadent bouquets in ornate vases.

After picking up an exquisite perfume from Aedes we were ready for a dejeuner a la francaise at Claudette. This quaint and cozy restaurant has that perfect “je ne sais quoi” of a French bistro filled with books and open shelving. I had the most delicious steak au poivron with, I kid you not, the best French fries of my life.

After lunch we had a lovely rose tasting at MCF Rare Wine. This adorable shop is tucked away in the West Village on a quaint little street. We tried a few delicious wines and got a sweet little buzz in the Parisian apéro style. 

After a smattering of delicious entrees & two delicious bottles of French rose, we walked over to beautiful Washington Square Park for our au revoirs under our petite version of L’Arc Triomphe. One of my favorite parks in all of Manhattan, Washington Square Park is always full of energy with students, tourists and locals alike. What an amazing afternoon with the best of company.

Thanks again to Longchamp & Vogue for planning this wonderful day #Parisianing around NYC.


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