Making a Run for it


This month I partnered with Old Navy Active to talk resolutions and fitness challenges in the New Year. I've always been a big fan of their activewear and this look is perfect for running headfirst into 2017. We had a few days of exceptionally warm weather so I paired these adorable colorblock leggings with a high impact sports bra and white go-warm performance jacket. The look was perfect for my 2017 challenge workout - running. The leggings match perfectly with the bridge don't they?! 

I've never really liked running. I remember back to high school P.E. when I would dread the days we ran the mile. I'd even sneak candy into the pockets of my sweatpants to eat while I jogged begrudgingly. Even when I first started my fitness journey last January I would say, "anything but running." My mom on the other hand is a big runner. In November she asked me to run the 'Turkey Trot' 10k with her down in Florida. I hesitated but decided I was, after almost a year along in my active lifestyle, up for the challenge. I had never run a race before and I can't remember ever running more than a mile in my life! But I signed up. I used the track near my apartment to train in the few weeks leading up to the race. I was nervous about running the whole thing. But on Thanksgiving morning I ran the entire 6.2 miles without stopping in 1 hour and six minutes (see a photo here!) It was an incredibly proud moment for me. While it's still not my workout of choice, I do like incorporating running into my fitness routine. Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing weight and burns the most calories per minute of any sport (with the exception of cross country skiing). For me, it's a challenge, more so than almost any other exercise - including CrossFit. Here's my tips for getting started with running.
  • If running terrifies you start off with a less aggressive form of cardio to build up your endurance and lower your resting heart rate. Spinning or the elliptical trainer can be a great way to start training for cardio. 
  • Start walking! Walking is a great way to start prepping for running. Once you feel comfortable walking, alternate walking and running. When I first started I would do one song running, one song walking for 30 minutes. Then two songs running, one song walking, etc. 
  • Speaking of songs, make yourself a great playlist! Music is an incredible motivator, it helps keep your mind off the pain and evokes a positive association with the workout. Choose upbeat songs that you love!
  • Start running sessions with a dynamic warmup like butt-kicks and high knees to increase heart rate, raise body temperature and get blood flowing to the muscles. 
  • Find a friend! I found running with my mom so much easier than running alone. Working out with a partner helps keep you accountable and make it more enjoyable.
  • For the ladies find a good bra. This is so crucial! You want a bra that's going to really start you in to help avoid back pain and keep you moving quickly. (I love this one from Old Navy)
As for my running routine of choice I love utilizing the Williamsburg bridge. It's pedestrian only so you don't have to worry about traffic and it has an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. It's so much more interesting than running a morning track over and over. The bridge is 1.3 miles each way starting with an incline then leveling out then a downward slope. Running from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back is a perfect 2.6 mile run that I can usually do in just over 30 minutes. Sometimes I like to stop in the middle to do jumping jacks or toe-taps to mix it up a bit. What fitness challenges are you incorporating in the New Year? Comment below! 


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