How To Layer for New York Winter


Look 1: Hat: TopShop (similar), Scarf: Anthropologie (similar), Dress: Free People, Tights only $8: Urban Outfitters, Boots: FRYE

Look 2: Sweater: All Saints, Leather Jacket: Kate Spade, Fleece leggings: Forever 21, Plaid Scarf, Boots: Hunter, Hat: Forever 21 (similar)

It feels so strange writing this post when it is, no joke, 63° outside. Last weekend, however we had a glorious snowfall! New York City is absolutely stunning when it first snows. The following days usually are a sad mix of sludge and chilly rain but the fresh, glistening snow make the city look like a gift shop snow globe. 

Gerry and I had a lazy weekend of sleeping, late brunches & playing in the snow! Since I didn't grow up with a ton of snow I actually relish bundling up. I'm seriously obsessed with fleece-lined tights. Honestly I'm mad at myself for not having discovered them sooner! They are SO much warmer than wearing than jeans that get soggy so fast! I have two pairs; one from Urban Outfitters and one from Forever 21. And they are amazing, no splurge needed. For my first look I layered this bondage-esque black dress from Free People over a black Forever 21 turtleneck, fleece tights and added an extra pair of knee high socks. Boots are key and I'm in love with my new Samantha Hiker boots from Frye. They really do have the most exceptional, well-made boots in the game. I swapped the black laces for red ones to add a pop of color. I topped the look off with a white coat from Zara, red beanie & extra long scarf. 

On Sunday it was a tad warmer so I layered a sweater dress over a body suit, fleece lined leggings and white thigh high socks rolled down into my Hunter boots. Word to the wise - Hunter boots are super cute in the snow but you need to wear layers of socks underneath or your feet are gonna be cold af. So I'm wearing fleece tights, knees highs and thigh highs under those boots, my friends! During the day I just wore a leather jacket & blanket scarf over the look then added a wool coat on top when the sun went down. Also, I took my gloves off for the photos but I was definitely wearing them all day! 

My top tips for dressing chic in New York Winter:
  • Layer underneath your outfit with a fitted bodysuit (like this one from Free People) or thin, tight turtleneck (like this one from Uniqlo) to add warmth but not bulk.
  • Fleece tights or leggings are your friend! You can wear them alone or under jeans for super cold days. 
  • Wear multiple socks! You will get so much colder if your feet get cold. I like to wear tights plus one knee high sock. For boots without insulation go with yet another sock (trust me, y'all!)
  • Speaking of feet - invest in great boots. I only wear true snow boots when it's over a few inches of snow and the rest of the time I wear lace up boots (like the ones shown above from Frye), Harness boots or Hunter boots (with lots of socks underneath). Fur to shearling boots are also good but I don't find them to be as versatile for other seasons.
  • With a good foundation you can wear less bulky clothes. If you follow the above you can still wear cute dresses because your base will be nice and toasty. 
  • Gloves. I never leave the house without them after December. Hats are also essential and scarves are good to have, especially if they're cute! 
  • Keep proportions in check. I like to go with shorter hemlines (as with the sweater dress above) when I'm wearing tights - it helps elongate the leg so you don't look shorter than you are. 
So get out there and play in the snow! 


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