Cozy & Casual


outfit details: sweater: Forever 21, jeans, coat & boots (all 30% off with code SPLURGE): Madewell

Despite being known for my dressier outfits, most days you can find me in a pair of jeans. Finding the right pair of jeans, I truly believe is like a quest for the holy grail. After loosing a good amount of weight (more about that here) I had to get rid of all my jeans and start all over! My favorite brands for denim are AG, Madewell and TopShop. In terms of comfort & overall look, this pair from Madewell is my current go-to. They are 93% cotton/5% poly/2% elastane denim, which gives them a good amount of stretch but not so much that they feel stretched out. I also love the ripped knee and raw edge hem. I would recommend sizing down on these - I'm now generally wearing a 26 but these I snagged in a 25. I paired the jeans with a cozy pink sweater from Forever 21 & this super warm sherpa coat, also from Madewell. I love this coat because it really heats you up on a cold day but it's not wool or down so it stands out! Scoop it up now while it's on sale here. What's your go-to outfit for cold temps?

Photos: Jeff Thibodeau. Location: Driggs & Manhattan, Greenpoint Brooklyn. 


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