Staying Active with Goody


As you guys might know I’ve been on a fitness journey since January, which has transformed my life in so many incredible ways! Read more about my workout routine here. This month I partnered with Goody to share one of my favorite go-to gym hairstyles for everything from spin to CrossFit to yoga. I love this French braid style because it keeps all the layers in place so I can focus on my workout. The Athletique wrap helps keep the sweat off my face and has hi-visibility for any evening outdoor exercises. 
Here’s what you need to recreate this look:

Goody® Clean Radiance™ Paddle Brush
Goody® Ouchless® Mini Elastics
Goody® Athletique Hair Wrap

To start, brush through hair thoroughly to detangle and smooth down any flyaways. I’m using the Goody® Clean Radiance™ Paddle Brush because I love how copper bristles help reduce buildup and restore hair’s natural balance.
Next I take a triangle section from the middle of the top of the scalp about 1” thick.
Next, divide this section into three equal parts to set up for your French braid. 
French braiding simply incorporates pieces of hair from the scalp as you continue the braid to the end of the hair. 
Continue the French braid all the way down the head. Once you reach the last of the hair you can incorporate from the scalp, continue with a traditional three strand braid down the entire length of the hair.

Ta-da, you’ve finished the braid! Now grab your Goody Athletique Hair wrap and place it just below the hairline.

I love the yellow because it’s so sporty and really stands out! The wrap also has staying power with rubberized pieces so it won’t move around while you workout.

This post is sponsored by Goody! All opinions my own.


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