Sending Love from NYC with Hallmark


Thanks again to Hallmark Signature and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

I love getting hand written cards. My mom was always a stickler about sending mail especially thank you notes and special occasion cards. To this day she still sends me letters in the mail with news clippings and postcards from every new city she visits. When Hallmark Signature asked me to collaborate on a special project to send cards to those who have inspired our style, I couldn’t help but get excited and think of my lovely mother’s many cards from over the years. I stopped by the Hallmark Signature Pop Up at the ShopStyle Social House to pick out and mail a few cards. I picked the ‘Hello Sunshine’ card for my mom. I wrote down how special she is to me and how her support has helped me make it in the big scary City. Her love of fitness, gardening and good manners has inspired me throughout my life and I am so lucky to call her ‘Mom.’ Next I chose an adorable card with a removable bow pin (that can be taken from the card and worn in the hair!) I knew my nieces would love them and the bows would look so cute in their hair! I told them I missed them couldn’t wait to see them this Christmas. For my best friend Noelle I found a bright pink card with a pair of black shoes on the front and the word ‘irreplaceable.’ As a blogger and a businesswoman she impresses me everyday and her quirky looks (and collection of 200 pairs of shoes) always keep me on my toes. In an increasingly digital world there really isn’t anything more sweet and personal than a hand-written note and Hallmark signature makes it easy with their wide selection of unique and adorable cards for every occasion. 


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