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Since January I’ve refocused my energy on a healthier, happier me. New Year’s resolutions rarely make it past Valentine’s Day but I’m very proud to say that I’ve kept up with my fitness goals and am a stronger, healthier me.

I’ve partnered with Old Navy Active to share some of my favorite workouts and fitness looks! For my high intensity interval training I chose the Old Navy Go-Dry Crop Top Sports Bra in Blue Floral. It helps wick away sweat and I love the color and double straps, On the bottom I’m wearing the Go-Dry Mid-Rise Run Crop in Blackjack. These pants are perfect for sweaty, high-energy HIIT workouts! Even better, they are currently having a sale up to 40% off Old Navy Activewear until September 14, 2016! Details at OldNavy.com

Before I started working out I figured the best way to exercise was to spend a long time at the gym doing one machine workout for as long as possible i.e. an hour on the elliptical trainer. In the past I had found it so tedious but I didn’t really know what else to do and the other machines really intimidated me. When I started CrossFit all those preconceived notions changed! I learned the difference between metabolic conditioning, which combines intense work with rest to maximize energy, and strength training, which had me lifting barbells, something I never would have tried on my own. I can’t say CrossFit isn’t scary; it is scary at first, especially for a beginner. But with wonderful coaches and regimented programs now I look forward to going to ‘the Box,’ as the gym is called in CF speak. The thing I really love about class is every day is totally different. No more going through the motions for an hour watching TV on the elliptical at the gym. Your focus is on performance and the difference is crystal clear once you see results in your body! I want to share with you some of my favorite workout components that you can try at your local gym.

  • Dumbbells. Dumbbells, also called freeweights, are much easier to start with than a barbell. They are great for toning the arms and shoulders and you can even buy a pair to have at home. Lifting dumbbells is a great way to start a workout to get the body warm and the blood pumping! I start with bicep curls and shoulder presses. Start low with 2 or 3lb weights and more reps and build up to heavier weights with fewer reps.
  • Rowing. Rowing on a rowing machine is a great full body workout. It works the legs, arms, core and is a great source of cardio. It can take a while to feel comfortable on the rower, especially for shorter women like me who don’t have the arm length for extreme ‘pulls,’ but once you get the hang of it, it’s a perfect way to work the whole body. 
  • Box Jumps or Step Ups. The first time I tried box jumps at CrossFit I was terrified. Jumping can be really intimidating. Steps ups are a good way to get started. This movement really works the legs and gets the heart rate up!
  • Jump Rope. I love jump roping. As a kid I jump roped all the time and to this day I find it so rewarding. It’s cheap, portable and can burn more calories than running.
  • Bonus: Rope Climb. This one sent me right back to Middle School PE! Rope climb is a great upper body workout that’s really fun. The hardest part is actually wrapping the feet around the rope as leverage!
  • Finding the workouts you love best really helps keep you focused and excited to come back to the gym! 

See more of my workouts and progress here & shop my favorite Old Navy activewear below!

Special thanks to Old Navy Active for sponsoring this post!


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