The Perfect Ring


Every girl dreams of that special day when her prince charming asks for her hand in marriage. I can't deny it, even I think about it from time to time. Like most girls, I have a wedding Pinterest board and fantasize about that special day when a guy gets down on one knee and proposes. When ArtCarved asked me to partner and pick a few of my favorite dream engagement rings, I couldn't help but say yes. I chose three distinctive styles to highlight different shapes, sizes and styles. So I decided to get all gussied up to highlight the beauty of each of these rings. The first ring I chose a floral inspired diamond engagement ring in a beautiful rose gold finish. In my mind this was the most traditional ring and it actually reminded me of my mom's engagement ring, which I've always loved. The shape is like a rose coming into bloom! For the second ring I chose the Avril, a double halo engagement ring with both a rose gold and white gold finish. This is my favorite of the rings and I know I couldn't say "no" to this one! The shape is more modern but I love the mixed metals. For my last choice I actually picked a set of three mix-and-match stackable rings. I love the intricate detail laying of these rings that feels like flowers and lace on your finger! It was so much fun dressing up and dreaming of my special day. It's good to know what type of ring you're interested in so you can make sure to drop the right hints, if you know what I mean. Special thanks to ArtCarved for letting me live my engagement ring fantasy, if even just for one day! 


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