How to Get A Perfect Rope Braid


I partnered with Garnier Fructis to create the perfect summer hairstyles! The video shoot back in March was SO much fun! I got to meet Leigh Ann, one of my favorite YouTubers. She is so sweet! As for the hairstyle, I chose a textured rope braid. It's super easy but totally chic. It's perfect for a pool party or brunch with your girlfriends! The video below shows exactly how to achieve this flirty look. I'll also be outlining the steps in photos.
For this look, you’re going to need:
1.         Fructis Texture Tease
2.         Fructis  Sheer Set Hairspray
3.         A wide tooth comb
4.         Two ponytail holders
5.         A cool hair tie or ribbon – any color you like 
Start by separating the hair into two sections - this will allow you to focus on creating texture in the crown.
Next, use a wide tooth comb to tease your hair at the crown. I like to use a wide tooth comb because it’s easier on my hair but still gives great volume. 
The hair after being teased - there should be a good amount of volume around the crown!

After you finish teasing, spray Fructis Texture Tease all over, focusing on the ends. This is going to give you even more texture and add some hold to the rope braid, so it doesn’t fall apart.
Pull your hair into a low ponytail, but not too tight, with a ponytail holder. I like to do it on the side because then it’s part of my entire look.
 Next, separate your hair into two equal sections. Twist each section around your fingers in a counter clockwise direction, making sure to keep your fingers tight on the twist. This is going to help create the rope look. 
Then holding a piece in each hand, cross the pieces over each other clockwise, in the opposite direction. Switch hands as you move down your hair and secure with a pony tail. Then add a cute hair tie! 
To add more texture, take your fingers and gently pull apart the hair along the braid – but not too much. You don’t want it to come undone or lose the twist. 
Use Fructis Sheer Set to finish and that's the final look! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @rachmartino for more InstaStyles - quick photo tutorials!

Special thanks to Garnier Fructis for sponsoring this post!


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