Spring Florals


There's nothing that makes me happier than the start of spring! I was born in Southern California and my body just does not like the cold. Every winter in New York is a test of my endurance and love for this city. The weather has been a bit all over the place but we have had a few beautiful days and this is my new favorite spring look. I'm not usually one for shorts but I've been so proud of my progress from working out and adapting healthier diet and I feel like it really shows! I picked up these floral shorts from the brand Finders Keepers at one of my favorite boutiques that's also an adorable coffee shop called The Vale in Williamsburg. (get 'em here for $80!) I love the pattern and the high waisted shape, which is super flattering! I paired the shorts with a black knit crop top, my favorite new leather jacket that I splurged on in Paris and scalloped leather pumps. I shot these photos with Noelle in front of one of my favorite bodegas in my neighborhood. I love picking up fresh flowers or cute plants from here. What's your go-to look for spring?


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