Modern Romance in Kendra Scott


Look 1:
NecklaceBracelet, Ring: c/o Kendra Scott

Look 2:
 Earrings, NecklaceRings c/o Kendra Scott

Look 3:
Earrings & Rings c/o Kendra Scott

One of my New Year's Style Resolutions was to include more jewelry into my wardrobe. I tend to keep it simple when it comes to my looks but I really do love jewelry and have vowed to incorporate great accessories into my styling. I was so excited when Kendra Scott asked me to collaborate on creating 3 unique transitional looks featuring their new Spring 16 collection. I had so much fun picking out all the pretty pieces!

For the first look I wanted to style something very romantic with a vintage feel to it. For the jewelry I added a few lovely pieces in rose gold metal. It really plays into that soft femininity. The necklace draws the eye to the decollalaté of the dress while the ring and bracelet add a touch of toughness but still in that very sweet rose gold color. 

For the second look I wanted to do a play on a schoolgirl look. I went to Catholic school for most of my life and our school had really strict rules about jewelry. We were told we could only wear earrings smaller than nickels, so we of course glued nickels to earring backs to protest. This look is definitely more elevated than my nickel earrings of middle school past but still keeps the classic schoolgirl elements with a crisp white top and plaid skirt. The jewelry pieces are slightly edgier to echo that rebellious sentiment with black studded midi rings and gunmetal earrings. The necklace might be my favorite with a long silver chain draping across the front of the buttoned up blouse. It really adds some visual interest to a classic white blouse. 

The might be my favorite, it's has a very modern elegance with ladylike yet chic styling. I was immediately drawn to these beautiful Mother of Pearl earrings. They are so feminine yet bold which is a combination I always love. They really bring attention to the face so I paired it with a colorful berry lip shade. For the outfit I wanted to keep it simple with a navy silk dress, clean white topper and colorblock Mary Janes. I also added these dainty rings for that extra ounce of femininity. The outfit feels very grown up but still has a playfulness thanks to the swing of ruffled dress.

If you haven't checked out Kendra Scott I highly recommend her jewelry. I'm always taken away by the attention to detail in all of her jewelry that really makes each piece very special. The collection takes notes from trends yet remains classic in many ways. It's not the kind of jewelry you wear for one seasons and replace. The quality is top notch and you'll keep it forever. 

Special thanks to Kendra Scott for sponsoring this post.


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