La Neige


Yesterday's snow storm was truly incredible! In my three and a half years in NYC I've never seen anything quite like it. The snow started to fall around midnight on Friday night just as Gerry and I were leaving a tropical-themed party for his office (yes, you read that right. Photo here) We woke up to a total winter wonderland! After hibernating inside all morning we left the house around 3 o'clock and the snow was at least a foot and a half tall (40cm!) It was truly a blizzard outside with gusty winds it was hard to even see at times. We had fun playing in the snow up to our knees in Greenpoint's McGolrick Park. After that, we ventured back home for hot cocoa and later Eggplant Parmesan. Around 10p we went back outside as the snow had stopped and took a long winter walk then stopped into one of my favorite neighborhood joints, Enid's for a nightcap. I can't wait to go out again today!

{outfit details: coat: Zara, last season. Hat: TopShop. Boots: Frye}


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