Strong Beautiful Nails


I've never been very good to my nails. When I was a kid I used to bite them when I was nervous and now I keep them up with gel manicures which can be damaging to the nail bed. Insert sirens and here comes Nail Medic, a high-performance three phase anti-aging nail treatment that helps clean, repair and protect nails from damage. I tried the product out religiously these past four weeks and have noticed an increase in nail growth and strength. I really like the idea behind Nail Medic, bringing a skincare focus to the nails with natural ingredients like cranberry extract, shea butter, argan oil and bamboo. Here's the system I used to get stronger, healthier nails. These products can be purchased at Walmart. 

Step 1: Nail Detox
The first phase helps cleanse and prime the nail by eliminating environmental impurities. Simply wash your hands then apply 1-2 coats of Nail Detox over bare or polished nails. Cranberry & lemon extracts lift away dirt and devise while Soap Bark extract and Witch Hazel help to detoxify and rebalance the nail before applying the next step. 

Step 2: Triple Threat
Next, the 'Triple Threat' combines oils and vitamins that help nourish and hydrate nails. The blend of oils including Jojoba and Black Currant Oil seal in moisture while Bamboo & Vitamin E hydrate and protect the nails, keeping them healthy and strong, Be sure to shake up the bottle and then apply Triple Threat to bare nails and cuticles, massaging the product into the skin and allowing to dry. 

Step 3: Growth Factor 
The last step contains the key ingredients to really strengthen and fortify weak nails to reduce breakage and splitting. Growth Factor contains biotin, calcium, keratin & argan oil providing nutrition and moisture to the nails. For best results with this product, do not top with nail polish. I especially like to use this product between gel manicures to let the nails breath and re-grow with the care they need. 

Special thanks to Pretty Woman NYC for collaborating on this post and keeping my nails healthy! 


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