Embrace the Roses


I'm absolutely loving the new Embrace Rosebuds & Vanilla Fragrance by Vera Wang. Before shooting for this collaboration, I used it every day for a week to discover the notes and my own personal emotional connection to the fragrance. The essence was sweet and soft with a very romantic yet warm feel. I wanted to capture the beauty of the fragrances' top note, rosebud while evoking its natural charm. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens have a beautiful rose garden with over 1200 rose varieties cascading down arches and climbing up lattices. It's a very fragrant experience that I highly recommend to any plant lover. As for the fragrance, along with the sweet scent of rosebud oil, the Vera Wang Embrace Rosebuds & Vanilla also has notes of Mandarin Oil, Sweet Magnolia, Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood. It reminds me of spring mornings and the smell of my grandmother's garden. Thanks to Vera Wang Fragrances for this collaboration. 


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