Switch it Up (In Style)


I am so excited to share a new YouTube series presented by Ford: Switch It Up! The series features experts coming out of their shells to try something totally different. This episode (above) shows professional photographer Alice Goa trying a whole new look. The video inspired me to come out of my usual comfort zone to try an unexpected look. Typically I stick to bold patterns and bright colors in my outfits so I challenged myself to think outside the box and try an all-black look, plus a crop top with jeans - something I usually shy away from all together! It can be really fun to change it up for a day. I love the black scuba crop top paired with my favorite skinny jeans. I couldn't help but add a bit of my own personal, quirky touch to the look with my new Asos shoes. How do you guys 'switch it up' with your wardrobe? 


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