How to Wear a Crop Top (10 ways!)


I still remember when I first heard crop tops were THE new trend. I pictured late a 90's Britney Spears, low rise-jeans and belly button rings. Not for me, I was sure of it. But then I saw bloggers of all sizes working the style in new and exciting ways and I decided to give it a try and I've never looked back. For me, the key with crop tops is balancing proportions, styling and always wearing them with a smile. You can pull them off with confidence too!  Here's my favorite ways to wear them. 

1: With High-Waisted Shorts 
The trick here is to balance the look with the right accessories and choose the perfect shorts that are high-waisted and flattering. Retro styling optional (but encouraged!) Here's some other girls rocking it Stuff She Likes, Song of Style, Nadia Aboulhosn, Jag Lever, Collage Vintage
2: With a Printed Midi
This is my favorite way to wear a crop top as it mixes classic glamour with a modern vibe. It's the perfect way to balance skin with a little mystery. It's definitely a blogger favorite: 
3: With a slight tuck
Some crop tops are longer than others, and as a petite gal (5'2") the slight tuck is a godsend for adding a little length to my silhouette. Here, I paired my crop(ish) top with a swingy red skirt. 
4: Cut back
On of my favorite types of crop tops are those with a little something special in the back. Be it totally open like mine here at the Bowery wall or with a fun cut-out, it's fun to show a little skin as you walk away. Here's some adorable bloggers also rocking the trend: 
5: Add leather
This might be my favorite tip for wearing a crop top, adding leather makes the look so cool and of-the-moment. Sleeves on or thrown over the shoulders, it's just a cool look. But don't take my word for it, check out these fabulous ladies:
Song of Style, Walk in Wonderland, The Fashion Through My Eyes
6: Bralette Crop Top
An easy transition for a newbie to crop tops is a bralette + skirt which emulates the look of a full dress while still following the crop top craze. These girls know what I mean: 

7: Try a cropped sweatshirt (or sweater) 
I'm kind of obsessed with cropped sweatshirts. As a petite, sweaters and sweatshirts were sorta of my worst enemy because I felt they made me look short and dumpy. Enter: cropped sweatshirts. They balance out a curvier silhouette and are perfect to pair with skirts or high waisted jeans. See other girls cropping it up:
8: With a pencil skirt
A perfect balance of ladylike and ultra-trendy, pairing a pencil skirt with a crop top is oh-so-chic. For this look I used three of the guidelines: pencil skirt, a DIY crop top and adding leather. These ladies rock the look too: 
9: With a voluminous skirt
Proportions are key when playing in the crop top world and I adore pairing a slim cut crop top with a voluminous skirt for a bold, fun look. It's the human equivalent of a Magnolia cupcake. These bloggers agree (well maybe not about the cupcake thing)
10: Crop your basic tee in coordinating colors
Lastly, a great way to crop it up is my coordinating colors for a streamline look. Here, I paired a Hanes tee, nice & knotted, with a midi skirt echoing the color of the top. If you're totally new to crop tops, this it's the perfect way to test the waters, just grad your basic tee and knot the front. Voila: DIY crop top! Here's some other ladies rocking the look: 


Rachel Martino said...

I love your style! You are just perfect! Greetings from Germany! xxx

Rachel Martino said...

I love how you styled each outfit! Your smile is really contagious ^_^ and bright color lipsticks make the world a better place! You're super cute.

Rachel Martino said...

Beautiful looks! I love crop tops too! -Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

Rachel Martino said...

You look so cute thank you for linking to my post. xoxo


Rachel Martino said...

I was thinking the same and finally I buy one with high waist pants and I love it !!!!!!

Rachel Martino said...

j'adore tous simplement surtout la premiere tenue

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