Fire Escape


This summer, for the first time ever I actually kept plants alive. I think I'm almost a grown-up now! I love sitting on the fire escape drinking a glass of rosé with my basil and purple flowers in bright yellow planters. As the weather starts to become a bit crisper, I've been loving a light denim jacket like this one from Maison Jules. This week I took over the Maison Jules Instagram account showing my favorite places around town. From my local grocery store to my humble little fire escape, I've loved showing little pieces of my week in the brand's casual yet Parisian chic collection. See the photos and be sure to follow at
This post is sponsored by Maison Jules, available at Macy's


Rachel Martino said...

These photos are gorgeous! We don't have fire escapes here in Austin, but I've always liked seeing them in big cities! :)

BTW, I love the new design of your blog! Looks great!

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