Chez Moi


It's been a while since I shared a little more of my apartment with you guys. It seemed like you enjoyed my Ikea Gallery Wall DIY post, so I decided so show off a few more photos of me, chez moi! Jump ahead to see more photos! 

Since moving to my own place back in February, it has seen some improvements, but I found out having your own space is an ongoing project that really is never quite perfect in your own mind. It always seems like there is more work to be done and as a blogger, I never feel my place is "Pin-able" enough or quite ready for the big screen (aka the blog). What I've come to realize is that it will never be perfect, but it's a lovely place to call home and I should be proud to show it off instead of agonizing if it's "blog cute." As for the "improvements" I've added the Gallery Wall, which I love. It adds so much color to my place that is incredibly grey (and has to stay that way, renting can be a drag). I also bought a new mid-century desk chair in bright pink to my little office. I adore it! I also added some plant life, omg living things I haven't killed yet, major grown-up score! I have a small terrarium on my kitchen table and a few plants in the kitchen to brighten things up. I even bought a basil plant which I've been using for all my caprese salads! I repotted it in a bright yellow planter, and it makes me smile every time I see it. The one thing that it still a major work in progress is the Ikea Billy Bookshelves in the bedroom. We assembled them and painted them yellow, but the goal was to make them into one unit like in this fabulous DIY. It might be a while before I get there, but for now I'm really happy with what I have.
Photos by Jeff Thibodeau, except #1 & #9, by Rachel Schwartzmann from my interview on The Style Line (here)


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