Au revoir, Paris


Just writing this post makes me want to hop on the first plane back to Paris. Our France adventure was originally supposed to end in Marseille with my friend Laure and her family. However, due to the SNCF strikes, out train was cancelled, so we spent our last weekend in Paris. It was amazing. This post is from our last day, also easily my favorite day. We started with Brunch along Canal St. Martin, hopelessly skipping rocks like Amelie (okay we didn't really skip rocks but Audrey Tautou was definitely in my head). We rode around the city on our Velibs, one of my favorite Paris activities. We walked (I skipped) along the Seine and I can't remember ever being happier. The night was the perfect ending to a perfect Parisian adventure. It was the Festival de la Musique and my friend from college, Devon was playing her music on the Seine at Ile de la Cite. We picnicked with prosciutto  melon, fresh cherries, baguettes and lots of rose. I've never seen a more beautiful sunset in my life. Notre Dame was drenched in peach and purple sky and I decided that night I would be moving to Paris someday soon.


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