Foxy Lady


I first saw this incredibly cute fox smock dress on my spirit animal, better know as the blogger Keiko Lynn here. And I knew I had to have it. Do you ever get that feeling with certain pieces? You just have to have it? Fortunately it was not out of stock on Asos, so I jumped on the opportunity to put it in my cart and it's absolutely one of my favorite new dresses. Here, I'm playing on the color scheme with a trench coat from Lulu's and my beloved Cole Haan suede beauties. But back to the dress, not only is it incredibly adorable and one of my favorite colors to wear (emerald <3) but it's SO comfortable. Like I feel like I'm wearing my pajamas at work all while getting a million compliments about my 'foxy' look. Now that's a dream come true.

Photos: Jeff Thibodeau


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