Colorful City


Despite it's concrete exterior, the city is filled with color. Dotted with yellow taxi cabs speeding past red brick walls, and now, with the fresh spring air comes blooming white Callery Pear trees lining quaint side streets. Plus, there's a neon treat these days over at the Bowery mural. A gorgeous wall painted in the brightest shades of my twee little heart. My spring wardrobe is equally brimming with bright bolds and flowering patterns, and I deem this outfit my ode to sunshine. The sweet crop top, that has a cheeky open back pairs perfectly with this voluminous coral skirt complete with unique pleats (both from And nothing finishes a sunny look like a pair of peep-toes that are both sweet and comfortable for trotting around the color-full city. I especially love this pair, the On the Floor in Melon pump, so I was ecstatic when Seychelles asked me to host their New York City event this weekend because I more than love their shoes, je les adore. Every pair is the perfect mix of retro sensibility with a modern twist and they are always good to my feet, which in a walking city is more than important, it's essential. Just like their shoes are to all my outfits. Essential. Hope to see y'all there!
Photos by Jeff Thibodeau, Location: Bowery & Houston, New York, NY 10002


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