#PickWell, Pick the Big Apple


Living in New York is sometimes a fantasy, sometimes a curse. The city is crowded, dirty and unrelenting. Everyday on the Subway I'm stuffed like a sardine on the L Train and trampled on my walk to the N. But still, day after day, I'm stunned by the beauty of the Big Apple and thrilled by the endless possibilities it has to offer. When boutique tee-shirt brand Pickwick and Weller asked me to create a post curating images of what inspired me, I knew it would be pictures of New York, the city that swallows you up, breaks you down and builds you right back up. This winter has been unbelievably cold with snowy chills my Southern-bred body rejects wholeheartedly. But despite the freezing temps and clumsy falls on black ice, I have to admit I've been enchanted by New York in the snow. A white dusting (or heap) of glittery white powder engulfs the city with a new shimmering coat. And it's truly beautiful.

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