My Etsy Favorites // 1


Moving into a new apartment has seriously changed my priorities when it comes to shopping. I haven't bough any clothes or makeup (okay well almost none) for the past few months and meanwhile I've dropped some serious dollars on furniture, kitchen supplies and my favorite of the bunch, home decor. Etsy has become my absolute favorite place to find quirky embellishments for my quirky new apartment. I cannot say how much I love Etsy. Despite the fact that I've been buying and favoriting items on Etsy for years, I never thought to do a blog post on it until I saw my Nashville blogger pal Jessica's post last week. Her favorite are also rad - check them out here. See my entire list of Etsy favorites and follow along here. To see more of my home decor must-haves, follow me on Pinterest here

 Coco Chanel Print in Aqua, perfect for my vanity station. $40 from Anne Chovie shop here.

 Awesome and colorful arrow set of five from Brooklyn-based Galavanting Girls, $34 here

 Fun and festive garland strand from Studio Mucci, buy here for $35. 

 Amazing New York state print (I bought 5 for the states I've lived in) $27 from Paper Parasol Press, here.

"Wanderlust" chic gold leaf world map print here from one of my favorite easy shops, Miss Poppy Design $17.32 here. 

"Whiskey Me Away" print, perfect for a bar area, 11" x 14" for $27 here from Perrodin Supply Co.

Lastly, a bit of fun with a gold painted miniature elephant head, $30 here from The Etsy shop for faux taxidermy, WFT.

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