My Boss Pants


I call these my "boss" pants. Whenever I wear them, I feel like I have a more commanding presence. Whether I'm in the office or going out, I just feel in charge. I found these wide-leg gems when I was at Anthropologie in Nashville last Easter. I had a complex about them because during my Freshman year in college I found a very similar pair at that same Anthropologie but only a size 2 was left, so they ended up going to my friend who was shopping with me. But I never forgot them with their navy blue color and cute sailor buttons. When these very similar Cory Lynn Calters fit, I was elated. I think half the reason I love them so much is they are the exact opposite of what I (and everyone around me) is always wearing: the ubiquitous skinny jean. I almost feel a little rebellious wearing them in a sea of cropped trousers and slim cut denim. Like every time I walk in a room I'm making a big entrance.  I love them with my favorite ASOS 'Pardon Moi' sweater than has caused so much controversy among my French fans. My view? It's not a faute d'orthographe, but an anglicism on a popular French saying. To finish the look (these pants require some serious height) so I'm wearing my sky-high Nine West snakeskin pumps from forever ago. To top it off, my favorite raspberry lipstick: Tom Ford Crimson Noir

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


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