Aller en Concert


Sometimes I feel my blog looks don't fully encompass "what I really wear" outside of the house. For the record when I am at home, it's all sweatpants and plaid PJs and oversized tee-shirts. Always. I tend to show my girliest looks here, but in reality I'm often reaching for edgier looks for traipsing around Williamsburg. I especially go for something a little more hipster when I'm going to concerts with my friends. Since my best friend Michelle works in the music biz, I often accompany her to shows in the city and in Brooklyn. I love to wear one of my many band tees (this one was handed down to my from my roommate Emily who grew up with the lead singer of the Drums). To keep it feminine, I often pair them with my favorite faux leather skirt from Urban Outfitters and my favorite Dolce Vita burgundy booties. And for the last dash of rocker chic, I top it with my faux leather jacket from Mango. In retrospect it looks insane that I'm not wearing tights in this photo but it was a warm day when I shot these photos with my photographer Jeff at the beginning of February. 

Rock on y'all.  


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