A New spin on the little black dress


Some dresses just speak to you. When I was shooting with my photographer Jeff back in December over in South Williamsburg, we passed by the window of a shop called PEMA. There was a little black dress with a jeweled neckline and a flirty full skirt. I passed by it and pointed it out to Jeff. It reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's but as if Monroe would have been the heroine in lieu of Hepburn. Right after we wrapped up shooting, I practically ran back to the store begging for the dress. They had one left in my size, I tried it on and took it home! To create the look, I paired it with my beloved Compoir Des Cotinniers Coat, black tights and my darling Dessine-Moi un Soulier boots (did you know you can create your own unique shoes here?) I feel like a little princess when I wear it and I know it's a piece I'll be holding on to for a long time. You never know what corners will lead you to amazing new finds. 


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