Day in The Life: She and Reverie Event


I was honored to be a co-host for the She and Reverie #CampVersailles event in Williamsburg. I love their lingerie inspired clothes including the slip dress I'm wearing in the photos! The day of the event was the perfect event to film a "Journee Dans Ma Peau" video. 

My darling friend Melanie of That Sketchy Blonde blog. 

DIY Floral Tiara station with Rachel and Nicole

Hanging with my small girl darling, Bianca


Sara Chergui said...

Lovely pictures ! The video was great ! I have never been to NY and it was so lovely to see it through your eyes ♥

Maeva D'Agata said...

Tu es magnifique Rachel :D

Hajar said...


chroniquesdunefrenchie said...

The clothes look gorgeous !
Lucky you to have been invited to the event ;-)

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