Warby Parker Summer Collection


So as you guys may already know I'm kind of obsessed with Warby Parker. My love for the glasses brand came way back in November  2011 2010 when I purchased my first pair online and made this video.  I was blown away by the glasses, the customer services and most importantly the price. Turns out I wasn't the only one who saw the video- it was also featured in a video segment about Warby Parker for Time.com. I, of course, had no idea until I checked out the Warby Parker pop-up shop during SXSW last year. Someone from the Warby team recognized me and told me all about the video. I was thrilled. They even sent me a pair of the Roosevelts in Bondi Blue (below) which I consider my "cool factor" glasses. Anywho, Warby has launched an incredible new summer collection. Here the glasses on my wish list: Watts in Bombay Blue

Boyd in Marble Charcoal (MUST HAVE summer sunnies)

Me at the Warby Parker SXSW Pop Up Shop last year rocking my Roosevelts in Bondi Blue. 

Warby Love


vymol said...

Hi :) I really like the second pair - Baxter in Striped Sassafras. Also I wanted to ask you if you would consider doing a video or post in which you would give some ideas how to pair the jeans you wear in this photo .... I have similiar pair and have no idea what to wear with it :/
PS: I love your channels, both ENG and FRENCH :) greetings from czech republic...

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Great glasses! I like the Baxter one!
Sincerely, Sara

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