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Today I'm so excited to introduce you to once of my favorite bloggers, Brynn of Being/Elliott. Brynn, Jessica and I all met on the internet when we were the Nashville Style Ambassadors for ModCloth. We had grandiose plans for a Nashville meet-up that were thwarted when I was hit by a truck (as a pedestrian) but you guys already know that. Luckily, Brynn interned in New York for Harper's Bazaar in the accessories department (yes, she is awesome.) I can't wait until she moves to New York for real! We compiled a few questions for each other. See my interview on Being/Elliott here. 

How would your describe your personal style? 

My style is swinging Sixties with a modern twist.

How did interning to Harper’s Bazaar and working in New York change your attitude about fashion and style?

My New York fashion experience has helped me see fashion with a widened perspective. Fashion seems simple to some people until they see all the diligent work that goes on behind the scenes to make breathtaking layouts and editorials possible.

Fashion is found at the juncture of new ideas, organization and bold moves. I have also learned that being kind and thoughtful goes a long way in an industry full of snobbery.

How do you blend the fashion of Nashville and New York to create your signature look?
I love mixing elements of NYC’s urban style with my laid-back Nashville look. For example, when I mix my high waisted light-wash jeans with some classic stilettos I feel they add a bit of an edge to my Nashville aesthetic.

You always have incredible makeup looks from natural to bold red lips. What are some of your absolute must-haves for beauty?
Thank you so much! I love to change it up makeup-wise. My day look is minimal makeup with some mascara and a light lip. My evening look is usually a bold lip in a berry or red shade paired with a dramatic smoky eye. My beauty must-haves are my Bobbi Brown eyelash curler, CoverGirl’s Cheekers blush in Classic Pink, Revlon's Lipstick in Wine with Everything, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

What is most rewarding for you about having a blog?
I gain the most from introducing artisans about whom I am passionate to my readers and viewers. I love love love to share things I cherish with others, so Being/Elliott has been a great vehicle for sharing my wish lists, staples and inspirations. I consider all my viewers to be my pals.

What products do you use to keep your hair healthy while rocking ombre?
Oh, I just discovered this amazzzing new shampoo and conditioner that works wonders on my sometimes crazy hair. It’s Loreal Paris’s new Total Repair 5 Restoring collection. This stuff turns my ombre into an “om-hey!” or, in other words, makes my damaged hair silky smooth and manageable.

Where do you see your career heading?
I would love to continue to write for publications I respect and to try new and exciting things along the way. I am always up for a new adventure in life or in my career. I'd like to continue styling in a more in-depth manner. I just styled my first music video last January and that experience was a total blast. I yearn to be joyful in all circumstances and give the rest to God.

What about your blog?
I'd love to start a Being/Elliott shop which would include products from designers and artisans who influence me. This idea exhilarates me!

I've been dabbling with the idea of starting a Being/Elliott shop for a while now. The shop would be linked to my Being/Elliott site and would be full of products which inspire me as well as vintage finds I've collected on my travels. I want my shop to be a way for me to take my readers on a styling appointment... in my own closet!

Where do you get the bulk of your fashion inspiration?
I love looking at grand women in my life for inspiration. Both of my grandmothers have always been exceptional in their dress and presentation. My grandma Beth always had an affinity for shoes and bold jewelry.

My grandmother Fairy Belle loves a classic coat and rocks lovely minimalistic pieces. My mother dresses in all black and lives in turtlenecks. It is her niche and it is classically stunning.  I like to pull from my own family.

Your photos are amazing what are your photography secrets?
Thank you! It is simple really.  I have an amazing photographer friend. Her name is Jackie Osborne and she is a beyond-talented woman. Hire her. Just do it. She rocks my socks and is a lighting master.

You always find such unique pieces to feature on Being/Elliot. Where do you find out about them?
I love to hunt for remarkable products on sites like Pinterest. I can get lost in amazing content there. It's like a black hole of beauty! If I find something simply to-die-for, I HAVE to find out more about the product and its story.

Normally when I contact artisans they are incredibly gracious. I've had lovely experiences with all of my collaborators in the past and have loved every minute of getting to know the brands and the faces behind them.

If you had to pick one outfit and makeup look to wear for the rest of your days what would it be?
Such a difficult question! I'd have to say my easy beige t-shirt from J.Crew tucked into my Gap 1969 high-waisted jeans paired with my go-to wedges from a vintage shop in my hometown.
For make-up it would be minimal concealer, a dusty pink blush, with a matte red lip and a brush of lengthening mascara.


Anonymous said...

Hello :)

Je suis française et je vais à NEW YORK pour le jour de l'an. Sais-tu s'il y a des hôtels mieux que d'autres ? Et si c'est bien d'aller à NY au jour de l'an ? :)

Merci d'avance

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