A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll


Moving from Nashville to New York was a big change. There are so many things I loved about living in Nashville. I teamed up with one of my favorite Nashville bloggers, Jessica of Here and Now to create a blog post about Nashville and New York City looks. Check out her post here

Usually I feel like a gypsy because I never lived anywhere very long growing up. I was born in Southern California then moved to Michigan, Minnesota then Kentucky all before I was 11. Kentucky was the closest place to a home I've ever know having lived there for 7 years. After graduating from high school I moved to Nashville for college. While in college I studied abroad for 7 months in France and interned for two summers in New York. I knew I had to move to the Big City and uproot my Southern roots for New (York) adventures. Somewhere deep inside me a city girl was hiding. I guess I am a little bit county, a little bit rock and roll. There are pieces of my heart strewn across the country (and France) and I like that. 

PS: All the photos were shot on my balcony after work. Try and tell me you don't want a Blue Moon now! What look do you like better?


Beauty-for-elle said...

Tu es superbe Rach, je t'admire tellement!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I love that we both did chambray for our "country" look, but I am crazy obsessed with that lace skirt! Gotta say you are a beauty in red as well my dear!

Kmille girly said...

I really love your looks on these photos :)
Gorgeous girl :)

Mels Lulu said...

Your smile :D

Camille said...

Je suis fan de ta chemise en jean dans la première tenue (je sais pas j'arrive pas vraiment à en trouver une chouette haha..) mais la chemise de la deuxième tenue est haaaaa enfin bref j'aime bien les chemises!

chroniquesdunefrenchie said...

Love the two looks and the series of photos ! Your text sounds true and sincere, I like it a lot.


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