A Year in the Life


2012 was absolutely, with out a doubt the best year I've had so far. I graduated college, scored my dream job in New York City and changed my skin for good. I jumped in a fountain at a singles mixer, recovered from being hit by a truck, saw Delta Spirit 3 times and traveled to Austin, Orlando, Southern California, Chicago, Lexington, Omaha and of course, New York. I hit over 1 million views on both my French and American YouTube channels and started this blog. I've loved every minute and wanted to share some of the highlights of my year with you. This will be a long post so hold on tight, it was a crazy ride! 

New Year's Eve, 2012 in Austin Texas. 

February: Launched RachMartino blog which was over 100,000 hits now thanks to you

February- Finished Accutane, the best decision I ever made for my skin and self-esteem. 

February 20: I was hospitalized after being hit by a truck as a pedestrian

March: Took the most amazing 900 mile/13 hour road trip from Nashville to Austin with my best friend, Michelle for South by Southwest. 

March: Met (and partied with) Bianca Caampued at Style X during South by Southwest who would come to change my life for the awesome. 

March: Took my first stab at Street Style blogging on the streets of downtown Austin during SXSW

April: Visited New York City with Michelle for Easter break and had my first meeting that would turn into an interview for my now job at Origins

May: GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE at Belmont University in Nashville with a Bachelor's Degree in French and English. PS- How cute is my mom?!

Here I am with my cap on the steps of my Freshman year dorm (where I first met Michelle when she was assigned as my roommate). 

Spent an incredible week in Chicago visiting friends including my other best friend, Amy. Here we are at the Chicago waterfront. 

June: Moved into my Brooklyn apartment (where I still live). That balcony with two chairs is mine, y'all. 

June: I became a Petite Publicist working for Small girls PR. How could work be anything but wonderful with these charming girls as your bosses

My Small Girls partner in crime and close friend, Annie Grace Jackson. Oh, and I had pink hair which totally rocked. 

June: Celebrated my wonderful parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary with an incredible party in Southern California with over 100 people! I cried as I delivered my speech celebrating their marriage and happiness.

Independence day in Brooklyn with good friends, a white dress and some Brooklyn Summer Ale

A fantastic moment of clarity when I knew I was truly happy in New York. Michelle and I saw Givers in Central Park and it started pouring rain and we just danced and got soaked and took in the beauty of being young and living in the best city on earth. 

August 9: I turned 22 and was able to celebrate with my two favorite people on earth, Amy and Michelle. This photo strip from the end of the night says it all. 

August 23: Bianca's Wedding Themed Birthday party, one of the most fun New York nights of my life. I was dressed as a rock and roll bride, obviously. 

September 4: My first official day as an employee of Estee Lauder Companies as the Associate Community Manager at Origins. 

September 22: The most beautiful wedding I've ever attended of my dear friend and previous roommate June to her husband (the lead singer of my favorite band, Kopecky Family Band) Gabe at the Nashville Symphony. It was truly breathtaking. 

September: Started filming at the YouTube Next Lab in Manhattan, leading me to meet some other incredible YouTube Content Creators. 

October: I was Lana Del Rey for Halloween, enough said. Here's the video transformation.

I spend Thanksgiving in Blue Mountain Beach Florida with my cousins Riley (pictured), David, my uncle and parents. It was so warm and beautiful and it was nice to get away from the city for a few days. 

December: Had the lovely chance to do a studio shoot with my blogger gang (Apneet + Rachel et Nicole

December: We threw a wicked Christmas party at our apartment. Emily, my roommate (pictured) made jello shots and it was an incredible night to say the least. 

December: Christmas at home with my mom and dad in Lexington, KY. Merry Christmas, y'all! 

New Year's Eve: Another LBD for NYE! Dress: Free People.

Happy New Year to all. Thanks so much to everyone who has read this blog or watched my videos, it really means so much to me! Cheers, y'all. 


Courtney Starr said...

Rach, you are SO inspiring!!! I love this post, and am so proud and happy for how much you accomplished in 1 year. Loved meeting you this year and cannot wait to work (and play) together again!

xo, Courtney

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

What a fabulous year for a gorgeous lady! So many wonderful milestones. Cheers to 2013!

Marion said...

I'm just a 18 french girl and when i read your 2012 story, i'm dreaming ! You're so lucky to have this wonderful life and you deserve it ! I admire you Rachel, and i wish you a happy 2013 year, as beautiful as 2012 has been !
(sorry if my english is not really good..)

Fabric Snob said...

love love love your new blog layout and here's to a beautiful new year, baby!

Mels Lulu said...

The flower crown suits you :)

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