Gang of Girls in Gowns


Moving to New York has been an incredible experience in so many ways. One of the most amazing this is to be surrounded by people who share my passion for fashion, beauty, Brooklyn, boys and blogging. I first met Apneet when I was writing for Fashism. I wrote profiles on top-users and wrote a post about "leggy Brooklynite" Fashism user Musical Soul. Apneet re-blogged the post and we met soon after at a Brooklyn wine bar called Sage. Apneet introduced me to the adorable Rachel and Nicole, writers of the (awesome) style blog We all hit it off instantly and have been a blogger gang ever since! We decided to do a Holiday Shoot together wearing gowns at a studio in Soho. I wore my incredible blue PromGirl gown you saw in my last post. The photos turned out incredibly well and I couldn't be happier to be part of a blogger gang of gorgeous girls. I felt like the photos lent themselves to a retro old-hollywood look so I chose to put the phones in Sepia. See how the other girl's used the photos in their posts here (Apneet's) and here (R&N's). 

Necklace c/o Glamhouse, Gypsy Collar by Bell Noel. 

Dress c/o PromGirl

From left to right (Apneet wears a vintage gown, Rachel wears Betsey Johnson, I'm wearing Prom Girl, Nicole wears LUBLU by Kira Plastinina

Click read more for Behind the Scenes photos

After the shoot with Apneet and Rachel on their cell phones! We went to a delicious Vietnamese restaurant and I tried Pho for the first time (and it was delicious!)

Happy Holidays to all!


Sophie M said...

I love your smile :)

Fabric Snob said...

Yay friends :) LOL the last photo is HILAR

alissa b said...

i just love this post! and the dresses (and you) are stunning!

great photos, great post

alissa b

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