Head Scarf for Summer


The weather in New York has been insane. When I first got here at the end of May it was very warm then suddenly it got really chilly and now it is officially HOT! I'm talking sweat-down-your-back, smoggy, humid hot that can make you miserable. To keep my hair off my face (and neck) I have been adopting a new hairstyle with a head scarf. I was flirting with this look back in the spring, but now I can say I am fully committed to the head scarf. First you fold the scarf (depending on the size/shape) so it is long and rectangular, then make an enormous bun on the top of your head, tie the scarf on and make a knot, tucking in the ends. Here is a quick tutorial from Keiko Lynn, who I originally learned the technique from. I have 3 main scarves I wear:

This black and white silk one I bought at Local Honey in Nashville

This dog-print one I scored at the Brooklyn Buffalo exchange (it's originally from Talbots of all places)

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know if you are interested in more hair posts or have any questions!


Rebecca Kelsey Sampson said...

Looks lovely on you!

Kindness is the best accessory,

DESIGNmyheartout said...

looks adorable!

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