My Favorite Places in Nashville, a Farewell!


Hey Everyone! So here I am, sitting on my beautiful porch reflecting on my time in Nashville. The last four years I've spent here have been so incredible. I honestly can't believe it's almost all over. In a few days I will be moving to New York to start my grown-up life. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I interned for mark Cosmetics after my freshman year at Belmont University. Now that the moment has finally come for me to move on, I am so sentimental about the time I spent in this wonderful city.
Here is the house where I lived by Sevier Park, it was such a wonderful place to live!

Here is my car! I'm so sad to say goodbye to my little red Honda Fit! She has served me so well the past few years.

This is the view from my front porch of Sevier Park!

Here is where I worked during college, a wonderful local makeup and skincare store called The Cosmetic Market. 

This is my beautiful manager, Molly!

This is one of my favorite local coffee shops, The Frothy Monkey. They have delicious food and coffee, I'm especially fond of their fruit tea! 

Here's my other favorite coffee shop, Bongo Java. It's right next to Belmont University so I spent many a times working on homework here as well as meeting up with friends. 

My best friend Michelle and her iced coffee.

I love their oatmeal.

Hanging out on the Bongo Patio with my friend Hannah, I will miss her.

Right next to Bongo is one of my favorite local shops, Local Honey with great vintage finds. 

I really will miss Nashville so much, it was an incredible city to attend college and I honestly loved every minute. As much as I am sad to leave, I am ready for the next chapter of my life in the Big City pursing my dreams. If you ever visit Nashville, be sure to check out these awesome local spots. See you soon, NYC. 


alissa b said...

heading to new york?! how exciting and what a big change! i love your photos--you have such an eye for how to photograph items.

great photos, great post!

alissa b

Juliet said...

Who does your hair in Nashville? I hope to be moving there in a few months and I like your cut! Also, any safe neighborhood recs would be great! Thanks!

MODE & STYLE said...

Salut Rachel ! My name is Anissa :)
I love the photograph in Nashville ! It's like a movie (corrige moi si sa ne veut rien dire ^^)
It's the AMERICAN DREAM ! hihi :)
xoxo' RACH' !

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