Warby Parker's Citizen's Circus at SXSW


As you might already know, I am a huge Warby Parker fan. I bought my first pair of Warbys, the Roarks in Amber, back in November 2010. I made a video about how much I loved that glasses and the incredible low price ($95!)  The video garnered over 16,000 views and even made it into a Time Magazine video about Warby Parker's founders. So needless to say, when I was at SXSW and found out Warby Parker was hosting a big event, I strolled right on up to their adorable tent! 

The whole vibe for the event was very cool. It was a vintage-circus inspired theme with a red and white striped tent with cool yellow lighting inside with all of their available frames to try on. This was paradise for me, because I have been eyeing several of their pairs but they are only available online.

Here are the pairs I tried on and loved:
Everrett in Gimlet Tortoise

Thatcher in Cedar Tortoise 

These were my true favorites, the Roosevelt in Bondi Blue, I mean how cute and unique are these? These are the kind of glasses that command attention. I was so unsure about them but I really like the way they look, I think they could totally make an outfit!

Here I am rocking Warbys with my friend, Hillary-Anne, Editor in Chief of an incredible Austin-based feminist zine called Vagina.  I am a fashion contributor for the Zine and I love all the work she does. She's wearing the Preston in Gimlet Tortoise. So chic on her!

Preston in Gimlet & Whiskey Tortoise

One of my favorite things about the even was this adorable Warby Parker Bike. I just wanted to steal it and ride it all over Brooklyn or Austin shouting "glasses for sale!' Maybe one day they'll let me do that!
Isn't it adorable?!

They even gave me one of these cute tote bags! I've been carrying it around everywhere!

I had such a blast! Thanks to Warby Parker for putting on such an awesome event!
Do you have any Warby Parkers? Which ones were your favorites?


alissa b said...

what a cute tent! i think the frames hillary-anne is wearing are my favorites!

what a cool thing to visit!

alissa b

alovelylittleblog said...

eeep i love these glasses but unfortunately i don't need glasses! haha. i just want a pair for looks... so anything over 20 seems silly for pretend glasses. i got a pair off amazon but they ended being too big and costume like. if you see any ones like this but non prescription let me know! ps. what camera do you use?


Rachel said...

I use a Canon Rebel XS! Yeah, I have terrible vision! Urban has some cute faux-glasses around $10

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