My Trip to the Hospital and Shopping Spree for SXSW!


This has absolutely been one of the craziest weeks of my life. As some of you might know, last Monday I was hit by a car near my home in Nashville. I was walking to my favorite coffee shop after my video shoot at the Cosmetic Market and I was hit by a truck in a crosswalk. I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance and spent 8 hours in the Vanderbilt hospital while the doctors checked for broken bones and internal bleeding. I was very fortunate to not be injured - other than some gnarly bruises!

Here is the Haul and Update Video

So I was in bed for a few days at home and had some complications, which were awful! I lost 7 pounds in 2 days because I couldn't keep any food or liquids down. I recovered pretty fast once I got off my pain medication, just in time for my best friend, Amy, to get in town from Omaha! She is such a great friend and I was happy to have her around for a few days. On Friday, we started our day at Sweet Cece's where our other best friend Michelle works to get some sweet frozen yogurt! Isn't Amy so cute?!

Then we headed out for some SHOPPING! I wanted to get some new digs for my upcoming trip to Austin, Texas. Here was my OOTD for shopping with Amy.

Outfit Details:

dress - Lush bought at Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: H&M
Nails: OPI Guy Meets Galveston (from the Texas Collection)

Our first stop was Urban Outfiters in the Gulch, my favorite store! We were greeted by one of our friends, Steven, from our favorite local band, Kopecky Family Band.  We went straight to the sale section, which is always excellent at this Urban (no way can I afford full-price Urban!)

So here is my general rule of thumb for shopping. I grab everything that looks remotely cute and take it into the fitting room. I love how they write your name on a little mirror outside your fitting room with the number of pieces you have (no limit!). Then I try everything on (I am a BEAST at trying on clothes quickly; I am a theatre and dance kid at heart). Then I snap photos with my iPhone of every outfit. This works great because I can later look objectively at the outfits and decide which ones I really want after I am out of the fitting room. Pictures never lie! Here's what I got:

This top was really cute. The picture isn't very clear but you can see how pretty the color is! I included a picture of the top from the website (in a different print) to show the amazing accordion pleats and the interesting back. Best news? It was on sale for $19.99!

I also got another similar floaty top that is cream with blue flowers, but I don't have a photo of it! Whoops! I will be wearing it during SXSW, so it will be on the blog soon as an OOTD post. 

I also got these adorable high-waisted tap shorts that are super comfortable that were only $9.99. They are already becoming a staple in my wardrobe because they are black and comfy and go with lot of tops. (You'll see them with my tops from Forever 21 below)

Then we had a CRAZY adventure at the Forever 21 in Cool Springs. There was news of a tornado but of course, we had to go to Forever 21! So on the way there we called the store and they said they would still be open, but as soon as we arrived they were locking the doors. We had to go into the basement of the Pottery Barn with all the Forever 21 employees to be safe. We ending up chatting with them and even playing a round of Categories. We went back in and I swear I grabbed almost everything on the rack. I literally had 18 items. Here's what I got:

This bathing suit was only $22.80! I really needed a new one piece. I personally prefer one pieces because I am not a huge fan of my tummy! Also, I think they are slimming and you can wear them with shorts in the summer for a fun little outfit. This one has adorable polka dots and a bow on the top. It also has a detachable halter strap which is good to keep the girls in place! 

I also got this cute little peach top for $15.80. I'm wearing it here with the tap shorts from Urban. I liked this top because it is versatile. It looks cute tied up with a pair of short in the summer but it is equally nice with skinny jeans not-tied (plus you can add a sweater in the fall and spring). This one is Erik's favorite top. 

This top was my favorite thing I purchased on my little shopping spree. It was from the F21 designer collection with designer Rory Becca. It is an cream tank (double lined for bonus points!) with blue and pink feathers. It was only $15.80! This one is great because it pairs with skinny jeans, a black skirt or shorts. Plus I love the floaty shape and the x in the back. I also got a pink double shark tooth necklace for $3.80 (above).

Later that night was the engagement party for my roommates, June and Gabe. We had such a blast celebrating at my house with all our friends. Here's a little snapshot of me with my besties, Amy and Michelle.

The next day, Amy left and Michelle and I geared up for our 12 hour drive to Austin. We bought some snacks and packed up the car and left the next morning bright and early at 7:30, taking shifts driving my red Honda Fit! Here's Michelle rocking her Ray bans on the Voyage!

Here's me smiling as we rolled through Texarkana in the lovely sunshine! It really was a good trip! It went by so quickly.

Fast forward to today, Erik, Joe (Erik's twin brother), Michelle and I are at Spider House Coffee Shop so we can all get some work done before we head out to go Kayaking! It is literally 80 degree and I am in heaven! 

More to come soon! Thanks for reading :)


alovelylittleblog said...

awww!! love this post!! so glad you started a BLOG!! you're so lucky you can wear those kind of fun tops with fancy backs!! i have a large chest and even strapless bras are pushing it, haha! one of my besties works at anthro and gave me her discount card thats good at urban too, so i need to go STAT! closest one is like an hour away though. oh also was wondering do you have a video on how you do your hair? not when its curled, just when its flipped out and volumes? my hair is FLAT, what volumizing products do you use?!

ok now that i wrote you a novel :)

Julia said...

ton haut à plume est MAGNIFIQUE !!! :)

alissa b said...

so glad that you are okay! hit by a truck? that's just crazy.

loved the haul video, you grabbed some great tops!

alissa b

juliette said...

Hey Rachel ! Really like your blog ! I am french student currently in exchange at UT, Austin ! Of course, I stayed here for SXSW! I'm glad to see that you are in town for the festival ! It will be so much fun !! Enjoy !


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