A Weekend in Greenpoint with LensCrafters at Macy’s


A Weekend in Greenpoint with LensCrafters at Macy’s

I have worn glasses since I was about 8 years old. I remember as a kid I would always sit in the front row so I could see the board, and one day the teacher assigned us seats and I was placed in the back of the classroom. My grades started to slip and my parents took me to the LensCrafters near our house. I will never forget the moment I put on my first pair of glasses. I could see everything! Ever since then I actually look forward to my eye appointment every year (minus the puff of air) because I love picking out new glasses! When LensCrafters reached out to me about their new location opening inside Macy’s at Roosevelt Field, I was excited to get my eyes checked and choose some fun new frames. The eye appointment was quick and seamless, and then they let me loose among the gorgeous glasses. I tried on some amazing pairs—from Tiffany & Co. to Prada, and finally landed on two favorite pairs. One pair from Ray-Ban caught my eye because they were so unique with a double gold nose bridge and delicate gold arms. I also fell for a classic pair from Dolce & Gabbana with an understated tortoise finish. In the end they let me pick both (yay!) to show you guys the versatility of all the glasses available at LensCrafters at Macy’s. The Ray-Bans are a very fashion-girl frame that definitely stands out. The pair from Dolce & Gabbana are more of an everyday, classic look.

This Saturday 5/20 from 2-5pm the LensCrafters in Macy's at Roosevelt Field is having an awesome event! Stop by for drinks, music & gifts plus can pick up your own amazing pair of frames for 40% off, Saturday only!

In honor of the opening, I decided to take you on a little weekend adventure in Greenpoint to share my favorite spots and how I wear my new glasses! Let’s start at my favorite Café, Maman right off Franklin Ave. I’m wearing the Dolce & Gabbana glasses with my glasses skirt (couldn’t help it!) and a simple black top & black heeled sandals. I like to grab an iced chai latte & a croissant here and enjoy the adorable décor. For my second look with the stand-out Ray Bans, I kept the outfit simple and chic with a black off-the-shoulder bodysuit paired with navy silk culottes and light pink sandals. For an incredible view of the city, Transmitter Park is the perfect place. You get a great open shot of the skyline and the Manhattan Bridge. Then, leisurely stroll back to Greenpoint Ave for a slice of famous Paulie G’s pizza! 

5 Days in Macao


Going to Macao was my first experience traveling to Asia and it was truly an unforgettable trip. From the incredible food to the architecture and culture, I was blown away! The Macao tourism board for the USA invited Noelle and I (along with 2 other awesome bloggers Keiko Lynn and Mustafa Kacar) to explore Macao for 5 days. I'm sharing some of my favorite highlights from the trip below!
Macao was governed by the Portuguese until 1999 and that interesting cultural fusion is omnipresent through the (petite) country. You'll see a European church just next to a Chinese temple! The Facade of Saint Paul's church is a beautiful representation of that Portuguese heritage. 
An adorable tea shop! We tried a few blends of jasmine and black tea. 
Well wishing at the A-Ma Temple. 

The extravagantly beautiful staircase at our hotel, the JW Marriott. 
A quick lemonade break at Single Origin coffee, a very Brooklyn-esque coffee shop in town.
The view from our hotel room!!!
Charming and colorful European style streets of St. Lazarus square. 
The lazy river at our hotel complex, Galaxy Macau. 
One of my favorite treats? The egg custard tarts from Lord Stowe's!
Noodle pulling workshop at MGM Macau! 
The bustling downtown at rush hour! 
An incredible art installation made of 100% real flowers at the Wynn Palace.

Special thanks to the Macao Tourism Board for taking us to an incredible new country! I can't wait to go back to Asia and explore!

lululemon enlite bra


Sports bras can be so uncomfortable and annoying. I’ve had a front zipper unzip all the way down in the middle of a workout. I’ve peeled a sweaty sports bra off like a wetsuit after hot yoga. I’ve been smashed up so tight and restricted to stop the bounce while running. So when lululemon asked me to try out their new high performance bra two years in the making I was totally game. First I went in for a fitting at the HUB on 17th Street. I haven’t been measured for a real bra in ages, so I appreciated them taking the time to help me find the perfect fit. The enlite bra comes in classic bra sizes, 32A, 36C, etc. When I tried it on, the first thing that struck me was how comfortable and breathable the fabric is. It’s incredibly smooth and streamline with nothing poking or pulling anywhere. The cups in the front hold you in without giving you the dreaded uni-boob so many high performance sports bras do. You could easily wear this under a tee-shirt as it keeps the feminine look of a traditional bra. The criss-cross straps in the back are comfortable yet supportive and super cute. And maybe my favorite part? The clasp back! I abhor taking off a sweaty sports bra over my head and this one you can simply unhook, hooray! I also picked up the Fast & Free 7/8 Tight for me & my mom because I was so obsessed with how buttery soft they are. But, back to the bra. How does it feel while working out? I left the store, red bag in hand ready to take it for a test drive. First I tried it out at CrossFit. Our WOD (workout of the day) called for sprints, double-unders (jump roping) and squats so I knew the bra would be getting the true test of high intensity. While I was jump roping I noticed I wasn’t bouncing around inside the cups despite the fact that the bra doesn’t ‘smush’ you in super tight. It’s honestly hard to explain but I really didn’t even notice I was wearing a sports bra. At the end of a grueling class I loved being able to just unhook with one hand and pull it off. I also got a chance to try it out at a dance-cardio class with some incredible women at the HUB lululemon store on 17th street. I’m not the most coordinated dancer, but I had so much fun pop & lock & sweating it out with the amazing women in attendance, all suited up in the enlite bra! If you love working out and you have boobs, you need this bra!

Photos: Jay Gunning. Special thanks to RewardStyle & lululemon for sponsoring this post!

Coachella Looks


I had such a blast at Cochella this year that now, a full week later, I'm just starting to feel fully recovered! I traveled to L.A. to meet up with Noelle and her boyfriend before we all road-tripped down to Palm Springs where we stayed at The Saguaro Hotel. We got to see so many amazing performances: Radiohead, Lorde, Lady Gaga, Bon Iver & Kendrick Lamar among others. Certainly a weekend for the books. See below for all my looks from the West Coast! 
In-N-Out Look: // Top: reformation, shorts: Levi's (similar), shoes: Converse
pool day // one-piece: asos, watermelon cup: amazon
festival day 1 // dress: show me your mumu, bandana: madewell, shoes: Converse

festival day 2 // dress: for love and lemons. backpack: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Adidas  
pool day 2 // two piece: asos

festival day 3 // top: reformation, shorts: asos, shoes: keds

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