Noelle's Bachelorette in Bermuda!


My bestie is getting married! I'm so excited for Noelle's wedding in just a few weeks and today I'm sharing the fabulous memories of her bachelorette party in beautiful Bermuda. 
Where we stayed 

I actually stayed in Bermuda back in 2015 at the gorgeous Princess Hamilton so when we were throwing out suggestions for Noelle's last hurrah I chimed in with Bermuda! It's only a 90 minute flight direct from New York which is incredible and the beaches are just incredible. The water is so blue. The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous with a pastel pink facade and beautiful rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean. The hotel has two pools, one is a gorgeous infinity pool with a gorgeous view of the crystal blue Bermuda water. The hotel also has a private beach accessible by jitney with hammocks resting in the water and a full service menu. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a luxurious beach getaway! 

What we ate
The main restaurant, Marcus' at the Princess Hamilton is exceptional. The world-renowned chef, Marcus Samuelsson, is the mastermind behind the Red Rooster in New York and opened Marcus' a fine dining restaurant in Bermuda located at the Princess Hamilton in 2015. I had the excellent Surf N' Turf, jalapeño cornbread and a sampling of the desserts. Everything was delicious! During our stay we also ordered from the room service menu - the club sandwich was particularly yummy for lunch. 

We also ventured into the city and tried Devil's Isle, a restaurant in the heart of Hamilton. It was very good and we really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and cocktail menu. I tried the lobster which was delicious. 

What we did 
We spent the majority of our time in Bermuda at the hotel enjoying the private beach club and the infinity pool. We did check out the local nightlife in the downtown area, about a 5 minute cab ride from the hotel. We liked "The Dog House" and "Cosmopolitan." We danced and had a blast celebrating the bride's last hurrah! On our last night we rented a large boat thanks to the helpful staff at the Princess Hamilton. The boat, called 'The Playpen' was huge and came complete with a slide! We rented the boat for three hours and enjoyed drinks, dancing, swimming and watching the incredible sunset. The boat excursion was definitely the highlight of the trip and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bermuda! 

29 & feeling fine


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I can't believe I'm 29! I've loved living in New York for the last 7 years and I'm so blessed to be where I am now. I decided to list 29 things I've learned in my 29 years of life. 
  1. You definitely cannot make everyone happy. 
  2. But you can work to make yourself happy. But you have to work to choose that happiness every single day. 
  3. Work hard and be nice. It's the best advice.
  4. Focus on the things you love about yourself. Remind yourself of them every single day. 
  5. Education is a lifelong process. Don't stop when you finish 'school' keep working to improve yourself. 
  6. You do not have to accept advice. You hold the power of your choices. 
  7. The only person you have to live with for the rest of your life is you, so prioritize that relationship above all else. 
  8. Make time for your friends. 
  9. Call your mom and your dad, too. 
  10. If it seems too good to be true, look really closely because it might, in fact, be too good to be true. 
  11. Trust your gut.
  12. Listen, ask questions and engage with those around you. 
  13. If the subway car is empty, someone may have pooped in it. Steer clear.
  14. There’s nothing wrong with saying no. 
  15. But don’t be afraid to say yes to things that challenge you
  16. A good book can move you. 
  17. Keep your passport up to date.
  18. Pay your taxes on time
  19. Pay your credit card on time every month.
  20. Ask for what you want. Always ask.
  21. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. 
  22. Never stop exploring who you are, where you live and what you want. 
  23. It’s your life, do what you want not what you think you’re ‘supposed to do’ or what others tell you to do. 
  24. Put your phone down at dinner. 
  25. Let that cry out. 
  26. Ask for help. 
  27. You’re a boss bitch. 
  28. Fake it til you make it, I swear this one is so true. 
  29. Say thank you and show gratitude.

Planes, Trains & More Trains


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I’ve always been an over-packer. Ever since I was a kid going on vacation with my family, I felt like I needed to hoard every last outfit or stuffed animal into my bag before heading out on a trip. But it’s time to lighten the load! This month I’m collaborating with Kipling to showcase travel pieces that hold what I need for life on the go without over-packing. Kipling features fun, lightweight accessories built to make life easier and more vibrant. Living in New York, I am constantly a bag lady – without a car, you quickly learn how to carry everything you need with you for the day’s adventures. A backpack is absolutely the best way to lug everything you need – for me it’s my laptop, DSLR camera, a water bottle, snacks (duh), backup phone battery and a change of clothes. I can fit it all in the Kipling Experience 15” Laptop Backpack. It’s made of high-quality water-resistant nylon with padded, adjustable straps and a laptop sleeve. I also like to have a smaller crossbody bag for all my essentials, keys, phone, wallet, gum, concealer and lipstick. I love the Kipling Kichirou Lunch bag. It’s cute and compact plus insulated with a net lining, so it’s perfect for lunch, snacks or any daily essentials! From traveling by subway or plane or spaceship (ok just kidding), Kipling had perfect lightweight pieces to travel light in style. PS: You can snag 20% off Kipling backpacks now with code BACKPACK20. Shop my favorite Kipling pieces below!

Rainbow Brights in Chicago


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I love supporting my fellow blogger boss babes so I was so excited to collaborate with Stitch Fix on their collection with influencer Katie Sturino! Stitch Fix is a completely personalized styling service that pairs you with an expert stylist who curates pieces you’ll love. Stitch Fix’s recent collab with Katie is full of colorful, easy-to-wear and travel-friendly pieces so I packed this fun, bright look for my trip to Chicago! I styled the rainbow striped button down into a tied crop top and paired it with the perfect-for-twirling yellow midi skirt. The 21-item collection is fully size inclusive in sizes XS-3X plus it’s affordably priced with all pieces under $100. Head here to try out Stitch Fix and let your Stylist know you’re interested in my Katie Sturino x Stitch Fix collection. 

Paris Photo Diary May 2019


I love traveling to Paris! Every year I try to go at least twice to my favorite city in the world and this spring I was so lucky to get invited to Paris with XL Airways and JO&JOE. Noelle and I are seasoned travelers and were excited to get the chance not only to fly XL Airways, but we also got a tour of the plane, the cockpit and got to learn more about the inter-workings of an airport and airplane. It was so cool to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes as someone who loves to fly! XL Airways offers flights to and from New York for a great fare so if you're interested in visiting Paris, XL is a great way to go! Once we landed safely in Paris we had the chance to stay at the new JO&JOE "Open House" an affordable place to stay designed for millennials, travelers and locals. They offer both hotel style rooms and shared bedrooms just outside the city center in Gentilly. We loved the terrace and food at JO&JOE - they even have a colorful beer wall where you can pour your own drink! We opted for our favorite - Aperol Spritz and enjoyed the lovely sunshine on the lawn. We also enjoyed the homemade food from quiches to friend and pasta salad. All the food was delicious and we loved the family style presentation. It was the perfect place to call home as we explored the city during the day. See all my Paris looks below! Special thanks to XL Airways and JO&JOE for hosting this trip, à bientôt, Paris! 

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